Stanborough Lakes

After my lovely walk around St. Albans on the Saturday, Sunday was spent visiting my great auntie, and relaxing with my mum, dad and brother, oh and sleeping. I was so tired. I think it must have been the cold. I was wearing a vest, top, jumper, jacket and scarf, and still felt chilly most days.

On the bank holiday monday, I said I fancied a walk and my mum suggested the nearby Stanborough Lakes. A short walk down the dual carriageway, laden with my camera and a loaf of Hovis we arrived and it was actually warm. I took off my scarf. Yes England, summer is almost upon you.

There are two lakes and a little river that runs alongside. One lake has rowing boats, the other wind surfers and fishermen. It was a beautiful day, and we walked around both lakes, and stopped for a coffee at the little cafe there.

The park itself was packed with visitors. Families, couples, dog walkers, cyclists. It was lovely. There were a few brave children paddling in the river. I felt sick looking at them, how cold must it have been? How hardy we Brits (not me) are, as soon a glimmer of sun is out, we down tools and enter ‘summer mode,’ only for it to cloud over again 20 minutes later…. 😉

One of the best things about the walk though? All the baby ducks and swans and geese. Ah baby geese. My second favourite gosling, the first being Ryan.

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