And we are back again…

I spent last weekend in England. After the events of last week, I needed to get away and see my family. Especially as Mr BOTR was scheduled to attend his brothers stag party in Lisbon. I just didn’t fancy spending the weekend on my own, and he said he wasn’t prepared to leave me here on my own. Our friends offered to have me stay, but I just fancied the company of my family. There are times when you just need your mum and dad. For those who don’t know, we lost our little cat. It came out of the blue. Literally just days before she was running around, escaping out of the summer door of the living room to stalk pigeons and then all of a sudden, she wouldn’t get up, or drink, or eat, or go to the toilet. We took her to the vets numerous times, and we were told she was ok, maybe just a bit under the weather because of her steroid injection (she had feline asthma), but sadly it turned out to be tumours on her kidneys and it is pretty much undetectable in cats until it is too late. We left her in hospital over the bank holiday weekend, which felt like torture, and I hate to think what she must have thought was happening, but on Tuesday of last week, our regular vet said she was dying and to be honest in our hearts we knew before we got that news, that we would be putting her sleep.  She was just so poorly each time we visited her. We called our friend who has always helped to look after Kitty, she co-fed her on the street, and once Kitty moved in, we gave her a key, for when we were away so she could come round and care for her. She got to the vets to hear the vet say there was nothing they could do, and was with us when we said goodbye. It just feels just so very sad and unfair.

I wont lie, we needed some distance from our apartment and Gibraltar in general, a change of scene was required. Our house is littered with her things. She was a very spoiled Kitty 🙂 . So coming home from the vets without her, we really couldn’t escape her absence. We still can’t, except now it feels oddly reassuring. Like she is still here in some way.  It is crazy how the house feels different. Whilst it still feels like home, there is an emptiness to it that it didn’t have before. People keep telling me that maybe we will get another cat, and whilst I would never rule it out, I can’t seem to explain that at this very moment I don’t want another cat, I just want our girl back.




4 thoughts on “And we are back again…

  1. I have tears in my eyes reading your post. I am so sorry for your loss.We lost one of our cats last summer and it still hurts, I still look for her. But that really is life and life is precious because it is brief and fleeting. x


    1. Thanks Wendy. She was such a ray of sunshine. We miss her terribly, I know time will heal and all that, but at the moment it just sucks. I am sorry for your loss too. I don’t think we ever get over them, you just get used to them not being here X

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