This isn’t another post where I just rant about the damp weather. ‘Damp’ should read; absolutely pouring down. But seriously when I see that my UK-based friends are getting more sunshine than us it really irks. WE ARE IN THE MED, THIS ISN’T HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK! This is about the damp in our new place.

We purchased a dehumidifier in the old flat. Mostly because water was literally running down the wall of our guest room, so once the roof of the balcony had been fixed we wanted the room to dry out asap. (It also came in very handy for drying washing in the winter months.)

The big difference with this place is we are right at the top of the building, there isn’t another apartment taking the worst of the weather, it is just us. So we’ve noticed some dubious looking stains appear across the tops of the walls in the hall and once I saw them I knew that the water was just sitting on the roof and soaking through to the apartment. It doesn’t help that we get the worlds largest and most insane seagulls landing on the roof and pecking about. Pitbulls with wings or Pterodact-guls as I call them can really mess up a roof I have been told by a builder friend, their nests are big and can block up drainage pretty quickly.

They aren’t just pecking about on the roof either.


They make attempts to gain access to the apartment. The other day whilst myself and Kitty were sitting and watching some TV I turned my head to be confronted by a gull. Right up against the window. He was outside, pecking on the window and the rubber seal that runs between the panes. Once he figured he couldn’t get in, he just lurked about. Now Kitty doesn’t like gulls. Pigeons she is indifferent about, little birds make her wild with blood lust, but gulls she is definitely scared of. She made a gurgling mew sound and I just watched fascinated at the gall of this flying fiend. This gull reminded me of the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, the bit in the film, where the T-Rex peers in the window of the car, before going crazy and trying to eat those kids….So I remained quiet, just in case. Because they are that big!

Anyway back to the roof, so whilst we don’t have a ‘live’ nest up there, whose to say there isn’t an old one? I am not going up there. I have the ladder, but I also have the balance of drunk toddler. So I guess at some point we will have to ask the landlord to send someone. But that can only happen once the weather sorts itself out. Because you can’t fix anything on the roof while it is still raining….

So on to the dehumidifier… It has been on. It has been on in the hall and in the bedroom and for anyone who follows me on Instagram you will have seen the worlds most boring posts. A picture of a jug of water, a jug of water that, that natty machine sucks out of the walls across a period of hours. The amounts are getting less and less, and I have to say that there is definitely a fresher smell about the place. Before it was starting to smell closed up and musty, especially if we had to leave the windows closed. (Which when the wind is howling and rain is pouring you are want to do.) So far we’ve collected 5.9 litres of water. We just need the sun to make an appearance and help speed up the drying out! Also my rocket needs some vitamin D, (as do I) it is just going to rot in the pot otherwise. I will get some pictures up of my ‘gardening / farming’ as soon as it is dry enough to take my camera out! Haha.


4 thoughts on “Damp

  1. Sounds like the roof *might* need decathane or caucho. But, as you know, gib is humid. It could just be the damp in the flat. Ours starts at the top and we are on the first floor. The other solution is to try and get the landlord to repaint the flat (ha!) or do it yourself. We use Dulux antimould, about £50 a gallon but it works, we’ve used it for customers too, and recommended it to our neighbour who’s been really pleased with it.

    We actually do leave one window open on the catch all the time. Even in the wind and rain. Hope you are enjoying yourvnew place, well apart from the damp of course.


    1. Hey! Yeah it’s not so bad it needs painting through the whole place, but I think the roof needs a layer of something for sure. I think at some point we are going request that either they or we can paint the living room wall, it is a real mess. Water stains, patches from when it was an external wall, a massive crack, I don’t mind doing the work myself, at least then I can do it when I want, and I can shut the cat away, because fumes and feline asthma don’t work well together. The only window we can leave partly open 100% of the time is the bathroom, the kitchen has one of those vents over it which helps, but while I have the machine on, I close it up, I don’t want to pay to have the Levante sucked up! Hahaha. I will make a note of the paint though. Does it come in different colours or is it an undercoat?


      1. For the massive crack try JetCem rapid set plaster, or JetCem filler for anything small. Antimould is a finish coat, like any other emulsion, comes in silk or matt and you can get it tinted which will be extra. We use white matt so not sure how much the colour costs. I think my neighbour got hers tinted, can’t remember what she paid and it’s a few years back. Ours lasts a couple of years (compared with six months for non antimould paints) but A is pretty fanatical about keeping up to it.

        Wash it down with bleach first. If it’s really bad, apply a fungicidal wash. Gloves, eye protection and dilute it (I’m getting this dictated at me lol!). It needs to cure for 24 hours before you apply the paint.

        The paint dries quickly though. A put two coats on in a morning. Depends how fast you are though. He may have the edge on you 😉

        A went to work for a customer recently who is renting but wanted the salon, bathroom, hall areas painting. I don’t think they bothered asking the landlord, they just wanted the place spruced up. He used antimould on the bathroom ceiling and normal elsewhere. So you don’t need to use it throughout if cost is a factor. We do, just because it’s good paint. If you like matt paint it’s good a really nice finish. No idea about silk. Available from Interbuild. Corner shop in Irish Town may have it, don’t know. You can always get the bus up to New Harbours anyway.

        Hope that helps. Shoot me an email if any other decorating queries and I’ll ask the expert.


      2. Hahaha, thank you! I will do! Heck if we decide to go down the route of paying someone, maybe we will email for a quote or something, it depends on what the landlord says… I think he should be doing it / paying as it’s their building, but I can imagine them digging their heals in, and I sure as hell can’t live with water marks and cracks in the living room, it looks awful!


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