The 4K wonder box.

So any of you that read my previous post about our move will know that the company that provide the satellite TV here in Gibraltar called me facetious. I wasn’t being facetious. I was stating a fact. I know when I am being facetious. Telling me that ‘I needed a man to come round to check my aerial was plugged in’ and ‘that the TV was working correctly’, when at the time of the call I was watching Friends on Comedy Central without a hitch, which I did tell the young fellow, didn’t go down to well. Also I am astounded that this ‘service’ would cost £200. The office where the company is based is literally spitting distance. I can see their building from my flat. So travel expenses can’t be the reason. So I said that I could save them time, and me money and turn the TV up to prove that it was working just fine. (That’s when called me facetious btw). So I asked him, that once we had ‘installed’ the aerial would we be rid of jumping images and channels disappearing? His answer was no. So I just hung up, and added him to my list of people ‘who will rue the day’ etc etc.

Anyway that really irked me, not just his stinky attitude, but because this is a pirated signal or some shady deal with Sky and then we all pay them a lot of money for doing very little. The costs of starting an account with them is £200, plus an additional £66 a year, so nearly three hundred pounds, after the cost of moving and setting up vital accounts like water and electricity, it just seemed a bit too much money to find for something we don’t actually ‘need’. So those factors coupled with the previously unreliable service (this is purely my experience, one of my friends says since they ‘set up the account’ the signal has been without fault, I want to keep this as fair as possible) really made my blood boil. Sure I get the argument that it is a fraction of the cost of satellite TV in the UK. The annual fee being what people pay each month, but who these people are baffles me. I never paid that for TV in England. I had better things to spend my hard-earned money on. Tell a lie, I had a Freeview box. Seriously how much telly does a person need? At our previous address the TV had come as a part of the rental agreement. But as stated above the service was shambolic at best. Jumping images, channels that just disappeared, and if there was a slight breeze or a pigeon on the aerial, goodbye signal. After a chat with a friend on Twitter I discovered that should we move again, we would need to pay a further £60 for a change of address. There are admin fees then there are people who basically want to pull your pants down. By the time I had gathered all this info, I was fuming. I was prepared to never ever watch TV again. I love reading. I can handle life without TV. We’ll watch DVD’s instead…

So after my charming call with the worlds worst customer service, I called Mr BOTR at work to vent and he said, ‘We shall get an android box.’

What is this box? It is the end of being called facetious by rude customer service people! It is also a bit of magic. It is sleek and easy to use, it isn’t ugly either, and it has the kind of settings that I can and have mastered. I can not emphasize how easy it is to use. It isn’t that I don’t deal well with technology, I just have a phase where I prowl around the item like a weirdo, trying to work out if it will kill me / humiliate by doing stuff I can’t comprehend.

But on to the serious business of the 4K box. First things first, if you want this box, you will need a fast internet connection, (is that the term?) a minimum of 16Mbps. We upgraded our current package with Gibtelecom. We now get 16Mbps for an additional £4 per month. If you want to upgrade check here to see if it is available in your area. Next up you will need to visit the lovely people at Khubchands. Now there are two types of box. One just has TV and I think it is available now, the other has everything. And I mean everything. Films, TV shows, live TV, the works. It is completely amazing. I have watched a lot of TV since we got it. (Hence the absence.) But it has been such a luxury. What was I thinking about living without TV? TV is great! (I am of course referencing my addiction to ‘The Walking Dead’ and now ‘Better Call Saul’.) If the show you are watching has to buffer it takes just seconds to do, there isn’t an issue of having to do any complicated installations. No workmen need to come and check you’ve attached a wire for £200. There are no annual fees. And if you go on holiday and want to take the box with you, you just need to make sure your destination has fast internet and a HDMI port on the TV. Seriously, it is utterly brilliant and I urge everyone who can, to get one so Gibsat have to make the rude little idiot who called me facetious redundant. (See he is on the list.)

When we purchased the box, (I say ‘we’, in the royal sense, the day the box came to live with us was a rainy day, I was curled up on the sofa with my Kindle and a bar of Dairy Milk) we also got this amazing little remote. It has a qwerty keyboard and a button that you hold down and it becomes a mouse pointer so you can select stuff on-screen even quicker. It is just too clever.

The cost of all this? Less than £200 with the magic mouse remote. No costs after that at all. Ever. Not once. If you want further details have a look at the Khubchands page on Facebook, or swing by the store to ask for details. Last time I went by (for coffee capsules, they are cheaper by a mile than Morrison’s) they had almost sold out. But I did learn that the new box they have is also selling very well…

Please try and ignore the dust…. :-/


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