Aphrodite Beauty Gibraltar

I don’t like to talk up businesses or services unless I have used them a lot or seen them at work. I am bit worried about recommending somewhere ‘good’ only for someone who follows my blog to go there and have a bad time of it. That is why a few ‘foodie’ posts have disappeared over the past few years. I don’t want to show loyalty to people who don’t value their customers. The ones left behind really are places I love and trust. And this next place is definitely going on that list. Aphrodite Beauty started out in Ocean Village, where I used to go to get the occasional manicure or pedicure. (I now frequent their Main Street branch.) I’d say about 80% of my friends here go there for waxing, massages and treatments. And if you ask them where to go, they always say Aphrodite, they don’t just use it for one thing and go elsewhere for a different treatment, they get it all done there. And this isn’t some kind of blind loyalty, I can not emphasise how many beauty places there are to choose from in Gibraltar. Probably more than enough to get something done each day of the week for a month without having to use the same place twice. But for me the service and the quality of the products Aphrodite’s use, and treatments they provide is second to none. And I have tried a few places. My regular treatment there is a shellac manicure. During the summer months I will get my feet tended to  as well, but during ‘boot season’ I just deal with my Hobbit toes myself and keep my hands looking human. If you get this product applied to your toes, chances are you will only need it done a few times during the summer months. It literally lasts and lasts. Obviously with hands being more on show it need a bit of maintenance. The reason for this post is the shellac manicure. I know of people here who get shellac applied in beauty salons where your nails are filed harshly and it has damaged their nails or worse still left them with ridges and in one case an infection. Excuse me while I gag. As any of my lovely regular readers know we moved recently, for anyone who has moved you will know it is your hands that take the brunt of the hard work. Lifting, packing, carrying, cleaning, painting, and then general life wear and tear on top of that. What did my manicure look like after two and a half weeks and all that work? It looked like this:

So whilst I will concede there were a grand total of two tiny chips even after using sanding sponges, picking off paint flecks and hauling endless boxes, the only other issue with my manicure was that my nails had grown and they needed smartening up.  I have friends who get their ‘exact same manicure’ done elsewhere and after a few days entire nails are lifting. And whilst this issue isn’t up there with global warming, the war on terror or starving children, it does sort irk me somewhat that people are paying hard-earned money for something and not getting what they pay for. In all the time (well over 18 months and I go every two to three weeks) I have never ever had that happen to me. And I bake. A lot. Bread. Dough is a sticky sonaofb*tch as well. Lol. If you check out the BOTR Instagram you’ll get plenty of pictures of my nails ‘freshly done’. Aphrodite’s also offer a loyalty scheme. For each visit you make, you get a star, which is stuck on a simple card, and then after five you get 25% off your next treatment. No forms. No paperwork. No background check. Just easy peasy customer loyalty. Now with two salons open, the girls have even more time slots to cater to their clients, they are constantly updating what they can offer, attending different workshops so they become fully qualified in their craft. Or bringing in services that customers have asked for. I know that a lot of people might think that running a salon is just painting nails and waxing legs, but the work, and effort that goes into both branches is incredible. The presentation of both branches and all of the girls is impeccable. I have never arrived to find them laying about or sitting twiddling their thumbs, they remain busy, tidying, cleaning and stocking up the treatment rooms and counters. It is a really professional environment and you can tell that they are all constantly striving to be the best at what they do.

So needless to say I wont be going elsewhere for any beauty treatments! If you want to see details of their work, check out their Facebook page. If you wish to contact them for details about treatments or appointments please call: Ocean Village branch: 00 350 200 62422 Main Street branch: 00 350 200 70747 Or email: aphroditebeauty.gib@hotmail.com

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