I know a great many people who hate Ocean Heights to look at. So when they go on about what an eyesore it is I have to keep quiet, because I can’t quite explain why I like its hard lines and checkerboard design, but I do. It does stand out from the other buildings, but that’s the point isn’t it? It’s different. (And maybe I’ll concede that it’s so ugly its good.)

Also I must, must, must remember to get a shot from the other side where there is a ‘mosaic’ I wish I knew how to describe the design that goes up the centre of that building, but it is pretty awesome. Anyway from where we are now based, we have an interesting view of the building. It’s mild curves, industrial look, and hard lines. It looks so unique across the rooftops, and I am sure if the owners just cleaned it up, it would hold its own up against a lot of the more modern buildings that are going up! 🙂

Olympus OMD E-M10 Art Filter Dramatic Tones F/7.1 ISO-320


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