Rain rain go away…

Growing up in England has its merits, but the weather is not one. One of the big selling points about moving to the Mediterranean was the sunshine. I love it. I like the brightness. The heat. The dry air.

I would like a full refund please.

The rain will not stop. And the rain here is not UK perpetual drizzle. The rain here hates people. It hates buildings. It hates anything that isn’t also water. So it pounds down. It pours with the kind of force that makes you wonder if you’ll be washed away in the night. It lashes down at the windows so hard that it sounds like hail. It is quite the spectacle. Mr BOTR likens it to that film ‘Hard Rain’ with Christian Whatshisname. I feel at the moment it is more like the end of Titanic. We are just submerged, water-logged, and very chilly.

My heart goes out to my friends who have to work outside in this.

Oh I have attached potentially the most boring video ever captured, but it’ll give you an idea of how heavy the rain was last night. Roll on summer….

I still love our new view though… Right under that giant cloud! 😀

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