New Views

I want to do a good long post about our move and all that it entailed, but I have a load of things that still need sorting out from the actual move, so I shall instead leave you with a couple of pictures of our new view…. I am finding it very difficult to get anything done, because I can’t peel my eyes away from the livingroom windows.

7 thoughts on “New Views

      1. My teacher was sent back to Britain heavily sedated and wearing a rather fetching straight jacket (showing my age there), though in her defence, I suspect that my fellow classmates and I had a little to do with that..


    1. Agnes if you could see and hear the rain right this minute you would laugh at the idea of it ever being sunny again! It is just bucketing out of the sky! But in the summer, well fingers crossed we haven’t jinxed the weather by getting a place with outside space, we might well rent it out to people looking for a quiet tanning spot! 😉


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