On the move!


So we have been in Gibraltar for four years this year and all that time we have been at our current apartment. Which does feel like home. We have friends across the street. The shop around the corner. We’ve bought more furniture as we’ve become more settled and the general idea of moving makes me come out in a cold sweat.

We asked our landlord at the start of December if we could renew our lease, knowing there would be a price increase, but when we didn’t hear anything I started to get my nagging anxious head on. I started to look online at the local estate agents and when I located our apartment at a much higher figure I was a little bit miffed. I didn’t and don’t understand why they didn’t come to us with the figure first. But hey ho there you go. It left a bit of a sour taste in our mouths so we really set about looking elsewhere. A friends lovely wife works at Chesterton Estate Agents in Gibraltar and we spotted two really amazing looking places on their site. I sent her a message and she put me in touch with who I needed to speak to, the ball, so to speak had started to roll…

Meanwhile Mr BOTR spoke to our landlord who said there must have been a miscommunication because he thought someone had told us… but to cut a long story short, we gave notice. Not in a sour puss way, we just didn’t want to go to the price he was asking. It is, and I can not emphasise this enough, an amazing apartment, clean, nicely decorated and airy, it has a long balcony that gets the sun for a couple of hours a day, and it had the guest room, which came in very handy for all of our visitors.

Ideally we would have taken another two bedroom place, but that isn’t how things always go.

We saw two places in Prince Edward Road, which runs behind Town Range and takes you to the back of the Garrison Library, and both were recently renovated. One was so amazing it felt as if I was on the set of a photo shoot for ‘House & Home’ magazine. Sadly that place wasn’t available to register your ID card to, which is all important for getting your health care here. The other place stole my heart! Set over three floors, with a guest bedroom, it had a spiral staircase set through the core of it. It was just amazing, and the views were brilliant. It needed a bit of work though, and ideally we wanted somewhere we can just move right into. Also those stairs were tight, I’m sure that once I had gotten used to them I would be fine, but I had visions of breaking stuff. Including my own bones! And I seriously doubt my Dad would be able to fit his feet on them! 😉

So Mr BOTR encouraged me to see the original property that had caught our eye, (I will not deny I was obsessing about those stairs, what a feature to have in your house, and there was a four-poster bed, I’m telling you I could have been Rapunzel, especially as I have grown my hair!) so the next day we went to see  the apartment that had originally caught our eye.

At the moment we do have some outside space, it only gets the sun for a couple of hours, but it’s great for drying washing and we get to be nosey, looking across to the next building and watching what happens in the street below. But unless you crane your neck there isn’t much of a view, the view that we do get is pretty cool, a narrow clip of the Rock and Spain, but living here, it would be so nice to see it when you opened the curtains of a morning.

So this new place has a very large outdoor space. And it allows pets :-). And it has a separate kitchen (as we do now) and it’s decorated to a really high standard, and it has floor to ceiling windows in the living area. (It is actually a conservatory.) It doesn’t have the second bedroom, but it does have a sofa bed and like I said the rooms are separate, so our guests will just have to suck it up! 😉 Lol. Plus it has views. Like totally amazing views. And the sheer size of the outdoor area means we have the sun all day round (woohoo!) and I can grow stuff! I am so excited! We can have BBQ’s, we can have our friends over to relax, I can’t wait to make use of that outdoor space! And even though I never ever thought I would want to live right in town, the apartment just felt so right that we decided then and there to go for it.

So we are moving! We have a few weeks to get ourselves in order. I have heard horror stories about sorting out the electricity and water bills, but we shall see what that is all about, and obviously I will regale you all with the tales of how difficult or fingers crossed, easy it was to do!

Future posts to look out for:

  • My vegetable growing.
  • Flying a kite from our terrace.
  • The underneath of the Levante cloud!

Bye bye to this view 😦




2 thoughts on “On the move!

  1. Your new pad sounds wonderful Amy and I am sure Mr BOTR will love being out on the balcony having his dinner at night. All your friends will be making excuses to pop in and get used to ur new views. Look forward to seeing some pictures. Best Wishes, Agnes and Andyxx


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