A little over a week…

So I am already breaking my New Years Resolutions by not posting every week, but I guess I only missed the deadline by two days… so I wont go on! 😉

Earlier this week myself and a friend went down to Europa Point, the weather wasn’t good or bad, we sat outside for a coffee so it must have been mild, or perhaps my many layers helped keep me warm, and at least it wasn’t raining! Instead of just walking around our usual route, my friend had noticed that a bit of rough land next to the promenade has been opened up, and there is a tunnel. So of course we ventured in… Not far though as a) I had my good shoes on and b) I started to get scared quite quickly, darkness is not my friend it would seem! I think I will have to research that tunnel with my neighbour as I am sure he knows exactly where it goes. The land around it is filthy and covered in litter, but there are also huge piles of block paving bricks so we were speculating that the promenade might be extended or a new attraction added? (Not a football stadium please, that is just the worst idea ever!) I guess I should have a look in the paper to find out…

We had my friends doggie with us and we saw other people walking their pooches. Quick question for anyone who lives in Gib, where is a good spot so the dogs can have a run around? Open space that allows dogs seems few and far between.

I took the camera out with me, and I think this was its first outing of the year, (taking pictures of stuff around the apartment doesn’t count!) I can’t express how amazing the Olympus OMD range of cameras are, but if you want a simple to use camera, with amazing quality images, may I suggest you pop into Euro Electronics or Alpha Electronics for information 🙂


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