January 6th 2014 – Almost a week in already?

Oh goodness where does time go?

We are nearly a week into the new year and I have no idea where to start. I suppose I had better start at the beginning. Or actually the end of last year…

Each year you get a review of how many visitors and views you get for your blog, and mine were very much up, and that pleased me immensely. It is lovely to know I have regular visitors, and that through the blog, I have made some new friends. So thanks for the support there…

On to New Years Eve. Oh crikey. What a night. As someone who used to drink, you would think I would have remembered the tricks that keep you from waking up feeling like death. But alas no, New Years Eve came around and I was having such a fun evening that I did the following; mixed my drinks and also danced. I am fairly certain the dancing is just a by-product of the mixing of drinks. But I felt both the next day. It was well worth it though. Again we went down to Casemates and met up with a few friends. The atmosphere was great (mainly my dancing I’d wager, always good to have someone to laugh at) and we stayed until about 4am. So glad I don’t live near Casemates. Nothing worse than loud drunken dancing idiots…

The following day I was slightly alarmed that I had woken up sporting a fatal head trauma, but no, that’s just a 34-year-olds hangover. Ouch. So I missed January 1st!

The next few days were spent pottering around mostly eating, and yesterday we went down to Main Street to watch the Three Kings Cavalcade. Now I am a bit annoyed at myself for not bringing my camera as anyone who saw it can testify that the floats this year were awesome. Especially the one with the giant Minion on it. (They are these little yellow dudes from a film called Despicable Me. Well worth a watch btw.) I did have the phone with me, but to be honest when you are focused on trying to get a shot of something you kind of miss the actual ‘event’. So I just enjoyed it with everyone else. I did spot ‘Tony from Twitter’ who was marching in a band and yes I did pap him and send the picture via Instagram / Twitter, like truly odd stalker. Again this year, the sweets were handed out, which I don’t think is a bad idea, as hardly any get squashed underfoot and you don’t get your glasses broken, true story as it happens, a friends husband got pelted in the face with a load of boiled sweets and one broke a lens. And people question why we don’t have kids, they are vicious little critters, that’s why!

So now the Christmas decorations are all down, (cards and a reindeer, I don’t go in for trees and tinsel so much) and life is going back to a normal routine. I am going to try very hard to post with a bit more regularity without allowing the blog to become a snore-fest this year. I will try very hard to take my camera out and about and show you the changes that are happening around Gib.

Until then I shall upload a few pictures from New Years Eve including a toilet cubicle graffiti, that is tantamount to slander, but it was also so juvenile I laughed till I cried. (Because it wasn’t about me, had it been I’d have gone ker-razy.) And some pictures of yummy stuff I have eaten recently with details of where it is from. Also worth noting is Mr BOTR has decided to not eat meat anymore, so expect us to bring you more veggie friendly restaurant ideas this year!

Extremely odd-looking ‘moth’ that happened to stay in our kitchen for an evening. Once I found out it wasn’t go to harvest our organs if we approached it, I chucked him/her and the sheet of kitchen roll out on to the balcony. Be gone you creepy crawly.
I am quite prone to a big old clean up after Christmas, so I get the need to throw things out, but walking to the shops and discovering this doll made me have a funny turn. Infant of Chucky, and abandoned Toy Story emotions overload! Awful.


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