Sunset 27th December 2014

I’ve  gotta be honest I’ve been doing my upmost to find good excuses not to leave the house this week. Not because we are still in festive lockdown mode (working in gaming doesn’t give you the holidays off) but because it has been so damned chilly outside. Boxing day was spent with our wonderful neighbours across the street. So much food and fun! But other than I’ve been mostly indoors. Finishing books, knitting projects and generally getting myself in order for the New Year.

Saying that the food had to run out eventually….

So yesterday I donned the following. Vest. Long sleeve top. Jumper. Jeans. Wool socks. Boots. Coat. Blanket scarf. Gloves. I was the queen of layers. I was so cold at home. I somehow forget each winter, and that includes the ones we spent in Malta that the inside of the apartments will be cold, we bave no central heating or fires etc, but outside is always warmer!

So I got  to the top of South Barrack Road where it joins Europa Road and I was dripping with sweat. How delightful. How attractive I felt!  The view across the Bay made up for it though. This is an occasion where I wish with all my heart that I’d taken my camera out with me. But I had my phone, so I’ll share those pictures.  I shared one last night to Facebook,  but here are a few more!


Just thought I’d brag and say that there has been no retouching of these pictures. Mother Nature was in a super creative mood!





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