Zoo time!

One of the things we made sure to do when my friend was visiting last week, was visit the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park. Several amusing things happened. The first being a grabby ape. We were standing by the enclosure of the Barbary Macaques and remarking how relaxed they looked when one decided that he wanted this plant that was almost out of reach, outside of the enclosure. Stretching his arm through the wire he grabbed at the leaves, then the stem and proceeded to uproot the entire plant. He then dragged it through the wire, all the while keeping an eye on us, to make sure we were a) impressed b) didn’t try to nab the plant for ourselves.

We also caught feeding time for the bats. When there isn’t a fresh load of fruit in their ‘cave’ they just dangle around all relaxed and doing hardly anything. Feeding time is frenzy of activity. They flap about at lightening speed and trying to get a shot of them is so difficult. Obviously no flash photography is allowed, so it was matter of waiting for them to get close enough to this red lamp and then tweaking the shot… They are so cute though, and greedy! At one point the fruit that was hanging in the cave, was this heaving mass of bats! It is a really crazy sight to see!

One of the main reasons we decided to visit was the lemurs. Instead of being all cute and nosey, the were just rude and nosey. Not rude in a bad mannered way, oh no, we seemed to have timed our visit to coincide with the ‘loving hour’. This was one of those moments I was so glad not to be visiting there with any children. Having to explain what the lemurs were doing would have been cringy enough, but the male was extremely proud of his ‘man area’ and kept it out and on display for everyone to see, sitting legs akimbo as if to say, ‘I bet you wish you were a lemur ladies’, the randy little critter!


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