Going East…

The weather of late has not been very dry. It has been pouring. And pouring. Then raining some more. Last night the thunder came out for a while, and I am told (I slept through it) it stuck around all night.

However, during a small break in the rain last week we went for a walk around to Catalan Bay. We were aiming to make it up to Sandy Bay, but I came over all funny with a blinding headache, so we got the bus home, to be honest it was probably for the best, as the weather wasn’t exactly favourable.

We stopped for a bite to eat at ‘The Village Inn’ in Catalan Bay. (Calamari and John Dory and a bowl of chips, rock and roll!) And like real ‘tourists’ we sat outside. We Brits can handle a bit of rain… (There was a shelter and no wind, or I would have been indoors!)

As I am now in possession of my new camera. Yes. Another Olympus, and it is amazing. Mr BOTR was also taking pictures. He is using the Pen, I am on the OMD. There is a woeful tale behind my new camera, that I feel I must share….

Purchased as my birthday gift, I was jumping around like an excitable child at the thought of taking it out. After a week or so of having it, I took it out. Now I normally have a large rucksack, but on this occasion I decided to use the little tote bag Olympus gave with away with the Pen. I put the bag on my shoulder and off we went. We got the bus into town and as I stood to exit the bus, the bag which I thought I had slung over my body, like a messenger bag, fell off my lap and crashed into the floor. As the colour drained from my face, and I felt vomit rising up my throat, I grabbed the bag and ran to a bit of pathway near the bus stop that wasn’t full of people. I switched the camera on. The screen worked. The view finder worked. I clicked to take an image. No joy. The drop had (technical speak ahead) smusshed up (yes that is a word) the shutter and it had also wedged the lens cap into the lens (but Mr BOTR managed to sort that out) so my new camera, which had taken barely any ‘real’ pictures was broken.

Thankfully Ajay our ‘camera man’ sent it off and a few weeks later it came home. All repaired and good as new. I can’t thank him enough, for all of his help and for Olympus for being able to fix the damage. So anyway if you find yourself in Gibraltar and want pretty much anything from Olympus get yourself up Main Street and into Euro Electronics. They do other brands as well, but Olympus is very much their thing!

So anyway back to our walk…

It was a really misty damp day and the cloud was sticking to the top of the Rock, the sea was looking pretty grim and even the seagulls seemed to be looking to fight with one another. Except for one adolescent gull, who posed very happily for pictures….

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