A weekend visit

This past weekend my best friend came over to stay. She hasn’t been in ages, so even though the weather looked quite grim (it was awful on the Friday and pretty darned nice the rest of the time) we wanted to make the most of it. We hired a car (I say we, neither of us drove, that was left to Mr BOTR to do) and went to Tarifa for the day. Before stopping in Tarifa, we decided (though goodness knows why) to take her to see Punta Paloma. Normally this place is bright and breezy, however the weather being what it was, we actually got to experience standing on the top of a sand dune, whilst in a cloud. Yes actually in it. If it hadn’t been so soggy it would have been funny…

_B145591After getting soaked there, we decided to drive into Tarifa and get lunch. Now both places we have grown to love were closed (perils of visiting after the summer season has finished I guess) so we went to the new place that has been built right on the beach.

For those of you that are fish fans it is a place to go, for those more minded to think like me I would avoid it. Our starter salad was fab, and I did try some octopus, but the fact that it turned up basically as three cooked whole tentacles made me feel rather uneasy. We had already ordered our main course and the waiter had told us that what we had ordered was basically fish cakes. Oh no it wasn’t. Now I will eat fish, but just as when I used to eat meat, it has to not resemble the living creature it once was. No heads. No faces. No eyes. No bones. This is what we got.

Like the mature adult woman I am, I tried each fish. NOT. I refused to eat any. I cannot split open fish a hook out the meat whilst avoiding the tiny spiky bones. I even made Mr BOTR turn the plate around so they weren’t looking at me. So what did I have for lunch? Olives. My visitor inbetween laughing at my childishness, did try the fish. One of each. The rest was eaten by Mr BOTR as he didn’t want to a) offend the waiter b) actually loves fish c) enjoys a challenge.

After ‘fish-gate’ we went for a walk and then we went to that amazing bakery in the old town… 🙂

IMG_20141114_173713 IMG_20141114_174108

The walk was really dark, but oddly Tarifa, even under a cloud is really beautiful. And the kite surfers were having a field day!

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