Craft Club

Last Friday I finally got down to Petit Cafe in Ocean Village, to attend craft club. Jenny who invited me (and who has featured on here before) had told me about the group, and all of the different things they do. But it makes such a difference to see it all happening in the flesh.

The first lady I am going to tell you about is Geraldine. This lady does crochet. It is no word of a lie to say that watching her work is fascinating. She is quite frankly a machine. I saw her make a baby shawl appear before my very eyes. And she doesn’t stop crocheting while she chats, drinks and observes her friends as they make their pieces. But it was the fact that she didn’t need to even watch what she was doing, and it just appeared in the perfect condition that was truly mesmerizing! (If only my knitting was that successful!) I wish I had filmed her so you could see what I mean. Because I didn’t take any pictures of her work in progress she has kindly allowed me to show some from her Facebook page. I love the owl hats. They were my personal favourite!

Next up was Giselle from It’s Unique.  Because of the type of jewellery she makes, she brought the finished items with her. The big part of her designs comes from using a cold resin, that is poured into moulds. So naturally she couldn’t exactly haul it all to the cafe to show me! The pictures don’t do the pieces that she did bring with her justice as they all have this translucent quality to them. They really change colour depending on what fabric they are held against, and also how the light hits them. They were also really tough, which surprised me as they looked so delicate. The process of creating her pieces really requires a steady hand, and also a good knowledge of the materials as you have a limited amount of time before the resin spoils. I loved all the different finishes that she created though, offering traditional looking jewellery or more contemporary pieces.

Next up was Rosalind from Leia’s Gems with her beading and jewellery. She introduced me to bendy needles and beads so tiny that you can hardly see them. Oh my goodness how delicate her designs are. I can not emphasise enough how sharp her eyes must be, because the beads were just minute. I have often thought about adding some beads to tops or what have you, she laughed when I said I gave up after about three beads, because none of the beads ever fit my needles. That is where the revelation of ‘bendy needles’ come in. Who knew they existed?! She was in the process of making a bracelet which was this multi-layered design, with ‘big’ beads at the spine of it and these tiny weeny ones wrapping around it. It was really pretty. You can see more of her designs on Facebook, by clicking the above link.

Someone in the group who was offering something really different was Damina from Pretty Creations. You know those cute home decorations, saying ‘home’ and ‘love’ and the like, well she creates those. Cute little wooden spoons, words, those signs you hang around the place, they were the finished products that I saw. She was working on a photo frame on Friday and gave me a lot of information on where she sources her pieces from and how she has to purchase special papers to decorate her designs. Watching her apply layer after layer of paper to this plain frame was really inspiring as quite often I think we all forget just how much time and effort go into making the end product, no matter how practised a person is at their craft, it still requires a lot of dedication and concentration (unless you are Geraldine, who I am almost willing to wager could crochet with her eyes shut! 😉 ).

For more information on what these ladies are up to, follow them on Facebook via the above links or check out their group page here for their next event, and click here to see Jennys’s newest creations (the cameos are just so cute).

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