You know it is nearly November right?

This was yesterday.


I had to share on here (I did post it yesterday to Facebook) as this weather the past few days has been insane. But yesterday, well yesterday it took ‘heat wave’ and ‘Indian Summer’ to another level. And it also happened to be a day where I was on tour guide duty. (Not an actual tour guide job, but showing a friend’s sister around as she was otherwise engaged with a nasty bout of sciatica, feel better!) Up on the Rock, the air stood still and the only respite from this intense heat came from lurking (probably for to long) in the caves and tunnels. It was actually hotter than it was during July and August. Walking around I just felt as though I was being cooked. It didn’t help that I dressed for a cooler day, ie trainers, shorts and a t-shirt, as opposed to vest, shorts and sandals, but at this time of the year, and in the Northern Hemisphere it just doesn’t feel right to don sandals. It is November in little over a week!

Now don’t get me wrong I love the heat, I love the sun, but if I am honest I was so relieved to wake up today and discover the temperature had taken a nosedive by 20 degrees or more. Mind you that still makes it around 70 degrees, so still warm, but way more tolerable than 90 degrees. I might even get to wear jeans, oh the novelty.

There were clues last night that the weather might alter over night, as we were getting gusts of wind so strong they slammed doors, rattled windows and were knocking bins over in the street! That is one of the crazy parts about Gibraltar, the ever-changing climate! But what really got me was how when I got my washing in yesterday it was stiff as a board. It felt crunchy because the heat had dried it out so much I wondered if it would crack when I folded it. Haha oh well, I am sure in a few weeks / months time I will be pining for the sun and heat again…



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