Not your average Monday…

So Monday was deemed a day for a walk. Now it might well be the most illegal walk I’ve ever taken. My friend and I went ‘exploring’ for want of a better word. Right at the very end of Europa Point is a whole load of scrubland. Now I’ve seen people down there before and wondered a) how they got there and b) if I was allowed too. Now I’m very sorry if we did indeed trespass but this space was just beautiful, if a bit undermaintained. You gain access via a path and staircase in a wall, on which there was a faded white sign, that is where the fear of trespass comes in….

Litter was strewn everywhere, including a faded coke can, how long does that take to happen? Anyway the ground was also covered in these little snail shells. I’ve no idea where they came from as it wasn’t exactly the kind if place I’d associate with snails! There was also some blocked up doorways that led to tunnels and some WW2 look out posts. Anyway below are some pictures I snapped with the trusty Blackberry Z10.



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