The World War 2 Tunnels – Gibraltar

Even though Dad has been here a number of times and explored tunnels not normally open to public, and we have lived here for over three years now, we still hadn’t visited the WW2 tunnels near the Moorish Castle. We chanced them being open, and fortunately for us they were. We waited for the next tour to start and tagged along with a large British party who were visiting Gibraltar for the day from one of the many cruise ships that stop here.

The tunnels reminded me of a tidier version of the ‘jungle’ tunnels. However they were much smaller in comparison, but still offered you something different, that being a brilliant ‘balcony’ view across the runway.

Before going on the tour you have to don a very fetching hard hat. I picked a red one. I refused to have a picture taken, because I can only imagine what an idiot I looked. I know it is for safety but still they are awful… oh well at least everyone looked the same.

We got about halfway through our tour when our poor guide did something to his knee and had to be helped back to the ticket office and our tour was taken up by his colleague who was showing a large German party around. It was unfortunate for the guy who hurt himself, but his colleague made us laugh by running up and down translating as he went.

There are a lot of pictures in the tunnels to give you idea of what life was like on the Rock during WW2, and I have to say that I was really interested by the information and tour, so I didn’t get to take many pictures myself. So my advice would be to explore them if you get the chance! In the mean time you can have a look at the few pictures I did take!

As we were on foot, the worst part of the journey was tackled going up to the tunnels. (Those hills get steeper I am sure of it!) And on our way out, it was pretty much all downhill.

This site isn’t included on the standard taxi tour, and it has an additional entrance fee as well which is £8 for adults, there were no kids in our party so I forgot to look how much it is for them, you will also need a ticket to the Upper Nature Reserve as well so if you do take a taxi around the Upper Nature Reserve, you can ask your driver to terminate your tour at the entrance to the WW2 tunnels, explore them, then walk down via the Moorish Castle which is also not included on the standard tour. To walk back to town from there takes about 15-20 minutes.

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