Tarifa with Dad

Our final stop on our trip was Tarifa. We had lunch, saw the beach, wandered the streets and ate cake. You know, the usual kind of afternoon when you are on holiday! Needless to say we had a great time.

As we drove into Tarifa Mr BOTR spotted these amazing bits of street art that have been painted on to the ends of rows of flats. They are incredible I think. They certainly brighten up the buildings and emphasise that strong link between the two cultures that are very evident in this part of Spain.

Tarifa beach was lovely as usual. Not terribly busy, because by this time it was really blustery. However a new bar has gone up right on the beach, on the corner where the road from the island joins the beach area, and that building has blocked the breeze to such an extent that you are no longer sand blasted when you walk towards the island. Sure there is still a bit of sand in the air, but it is no longer unbearably painful to walk around there!

As is our custom we walked all the way to the end, where the signs show you that on one side of you is the Med and the other the Atlantic. It’s an amazing place to see!

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