Crazy Cloud

So Dad is now back in the UK. His last week out here, we tried to squeeze in as many activities as we could. One of the days we hired a car and took a trip up the coast to Bolonia, Punta Paloma and Tarifa. As we made our way down to the frontier to collect our hire car the Levante cloud loomed overhead, filling Mr BOTR and my Dad with suspicions about what the weather in Spain might be like. These feelings didn’t abate until we got across the border, because as we made a quick pit-stop at the airport (for cash and a toilet break) we came out to see the cloud hovering in the weirdest fashion over the rock. You can see the detail of the cloud so much easier with the high contrast pictures so I have put up the duplicates. On our drive back from the coast the cloud was still very much evident and you couldn’t help but wonder what it must have looked like to people a thousand years ago. It was no wonder that it was regarded as a site of significance and offerings were left to gods. It still even in this day and age looks supernatural!

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