Bolonia with Dad

Our first stop on our day trip drive along the coast was Bolonia. Now we didn’t explore anywhere new on this trip, but to be honest Bolonia is just a beautiful place to go and visit regardless. Even though we were just days away from October, and we had left behind thick, dense Levante cloud in Gibraltar, which made day turn into night, we had bright blue skies and wispy fluffy cloud where we were in Spain. And it was really hot. Shorts and t-shirt hot. We strolled along the beach, drawing in the sand, taking pictures of the lone kite surfer and generally enjoying the warmth and space.

We also found heaps of shells, which I have to say I squirrelled away and have put into a little box next a picture I had printed from the day. I have never seen so many shells in Bolonia before. I don’t know if there is a season when they all wash up, but some were actually hand sized!

One of things we saw really clearly was the sand blowing up the beach and up the hill to create that huge dune. I tried to get a picture of the wind as it lifted a layer of sand, so you’d see what I mean, it made the sand looked stripy. It was really amazing to watch, but man alive do I hate sand. It literally gets everywhere and I am still finding the blasted stuff a week later! 😉

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