Dolphin Tour

On Wednesday night there were secret discussions on what activity to do the following day. Since moving here we have been asked numerous times if we wanted to take part in a dolphin tour. Now I like dolphins. Not in that strangely obsessive ‘I want to swim with them way’ that some people get. But they are clever and I’ve seen on YouTube that they like cats. So they can’t be all bad. But still three years into living here and we hadn’t been out on the water to see them, so this seemed like as good a time as any!

We went down to Ocean Village and found a lovely young man named Patrick who works with the Blue Boat (Goldfin), who are the original dolphin safari tour here in Gibraltar. On our way to their office we were ambushed (a strong word, but entirely accurate) by a young woman in yellow who represented the alternative company. Screaming (I kid you not) that they were the ‘UK registered company and that they could offer us half the price of whatever we were paying the Blue Boat tour”, I knew then that we had made the right decision with what company to go with.

Those kinds of selling tactics are not at all enticing, and may I offer a word of advice, do not aggressively accost people in the street, and do not slouch around cigarette dangling from ones lip and then verbally harass your competition in front of customers. It really doesn’t do you any favours, or for that matter the company your represent.

Anyway we paid up our ticket at the Blue Boat office and then went to get a bite to eat before we boarded the boat. With the Blue Boat tour you get a 10% discount in several of the bars / restaurants in the Marina. (Ask at the office for details). We went to Brunos, had nachos and baked potato (very yum I must say) and then we were off to the boat.

We boarded and took our seats at the back of the boat. Our seats gave us incredible views of Gibraltar as we went out into the Bay.

We were given safety instructions and told where we could find life vests (important when you can not swim like myself) and what railings not to lean on etc. And then we were really off.

I’ll tell you the truth, I would have been happy with just spotting a single dolphin and a bit of time out on the water, but what we got was so very much more than that!

The staff aboard were really awesome. Full of information on the dolphins and the marine life in the bay in general. I can give you several facts about dolphins now that I had zero knowledge of before. They took pictures of your party if you wanted them to. They got everyone up and looking across the water to spot the different kinds of dolphin and their behaviour. It was so much fun! The trip out lasts about an hour or so and the time just flies by. This excursion is worth every penny. It really opened my eyes to creatures we have living around us, and how they interact with one another. I have to say that I will most definitely be going again, and I may not even wait for the excuse of having guests over to stay!

Needless to say I took my camera with me. I tried as best as I could to get pictures, but oh my goodness dolphins move fast! I got a few OK pictures. The dolphins glide through the water and under the boat popping up out of the water close by, so you must have super fast reflexes or maybe just be really lucky when it comes to getting pictures. (I definitely fall into the lucky category!)

As I can’t swim I was a bit reluctant to dangle myself and my camera over the side of the boat, especially when the waves got a bit lively. I was not prepared for the sudden bumpiness and although I didn’t feel sick in the slightest I was nervous of falling in. Mr BOTR was rocking back and forth in a rather mocking fashion which didn’t help and I am certain it added to the motion of the boat! Lol. Dad enjoyed himself immensely. He wasn’t expecting a trip on a boat and he certainly didn’t expect to see as many dolphins as we did, or watch them surfing in the wake of the boat, which was by far my favourite part of the trip. At one point there was a dozen dolphins surfing in a row! Sadly I didn’t get that picture… Oh well next time 🙂

The Blue Boat

Telephone: 00 350 200 71914 or 00 34 607 290 400


Check out the reviews on Trip Advisor as well…

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