Another cloudy day…

We have had quite a few cloudy days this past month or so. Mind you that hasn’t stopped the heat factor, or the sun from rocking up in the afternoon, so I shouldn’t complain. The other day whilst walking down to town with Dad I had my camera with me and I had to get a picture of the Bay of Gibraltar because of the cloud. The pattern of it reminded me of how water looks when it is displaced by someone diving into a pool… Do you see what I mean?

6 thoughts on “Another cloudy day…

      1. That’s an interesting one, probably as we speak mostly to Spaniards and Gibbos in llanito we all call it Bahía de Algeciras.

        Honestly I’ve never heard it called the Bay of Gib. I wonder if Moroccans call the Strait of Gib the Strait of Morocco. Bit like the Channel and La Manche I suppose.


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