A wander to Ronda with Dad

Where we come from in the UK, we have gentle hills. Green hills. Crops. Woods. Streams. It is pretty. However that’s only going one way. Turn and drive towards London and you’re surrounded by concrete, not all of it ugly, but a vast majority is. So even though I was pretty confident that Dad would love the sights of Ronda, I was really looking forward to his reaction tot he train ride up there.

Again he was shocked beyond measure (as I was on my first go) at the service provided by train company. On time. Friendly staff. Clean station. Clean train. Seating. Air Conditioning. All so alien to the UK train user. All for €16 return fare to Ronda from San Roque.

As the landscape unfolded my Dad started to ooh and aah as I had. The husband now an old hand at this ride (he took some friends a few weeks back) went to sleep with his headphones on. I also stared out of the window waiting for my favourite part of the journey, the tunnel through the ravine. Look through concrete blocks that form the outside wall of the tunnel that give you to view down a cliff face to a shining emerald coloured river. I don’t really get emotional about at look of stuff, but that view for some reason almost brings me tears. It is just so beautiful.

We arrive at Ronda and sadly I have developed a rather painful headache. Sunglasses go on (and stay on, even during a small shower) and we head to the bullring. I am still very much anti bull fighting, but we wanted to show Dad the building. On this visit we were greeted by bloody smears across the ground of the bullring which really brought home exactly what the building is for, the next visitor might have to venture in there alone as I don’t think I can stomach it again. The structure is still incredible though. And Dad enjoyed the gun section of the museum.

After that we went tot viewing point. My poor father is terrified of heights. Well maybe not terrified, or perhaps he is just good at hiding it. I made him stand on the plinth that sticks out. He loved the view, he was blown away (thankfully not literally as it was rather blustery) by how far you can see, the mountain ranges and just how tiny everything is from up there.

After that we made our way into town to show him the bridge and to get some lunch. We went to the bridge first briefly (which is where we encountered that shower) and then we went for lunch at this cute little place the Mr BOTR discovered with his friends on his prior visit. It was cheap and delicious food. Sadly due to my headache the name of the place has vanished from my memory but it was down a side street. Yup I am being so helpful with information aren’t I!?!

After lunch we walked further along into the older part of town and sat in the shade of the square (and found some WiFi) and cooled down and let our food go down. A rather beautiful fountain tinkled away in the background and cooled the air which by that time had gotten toasty hot.

After that rest we walked again. This time refuelling with an ice-cream, before wending our way back through the streets and shops (to pick up postcards) to head for the train station and home. 🙂

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