Annual visit…

This past Sunday saw my Dad fly in for his month-long stay. I missed him walking through the arrivals door at the airport as I was (shamefully) engaged in celebrity spotting. Very difficult when you have zero idea who anyone is. He arrived the day after the Gibraltar Music Festival. Did I attend? Nope. I am sure it was an amazing day, but the bill wasn’t to my taste, and as much as it would have been ‘something different to do’ I just couldn’t see the sense in spending £55 on a ticket then whatever on food and drink, to listen to / bop around to / watch people who I am not fans of. I have seen the pictures though, it looked very cool. I might see if I can find a person who went and ask them to give their two-pennies-worth on the event for me.

So Dad has been here for two days. We’ve been up to Europa Point, via Camp Bay and we’ve been down Main Street to purchase National Day T-shirts (oh yes we will be rocking red and white!). This year we are going to attend National Day with our friends from across the street and I am so excited to see those balloons. Wish me luck. So far we’ve missed them every year. Third times the charm right? 😉

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