I’ve just returned from a lovely walk down to Rosia Bay. It is the only ‘beach’ area that allows dogs. There was a huge Rottweiler swimming after a tennis ball. He was just the sweetest dog ever. A giant who sniffed at the pup I was with and then decided he was way more interested in his tennis ball. Then along came this big bouncing golden retriever who then dragged his owners off to the other side of the bay, there was a Scottish terrier sunbathing with his owners and there was also my friends teeny tiny little Maltese pup.

She was gadding around chasing stones, avoiding the water as it lapped at the shore and spent some serious time exploring the rocks. It was just too cute to watch! The most amusing thing for me was when she just randomly decided that she fancied a quick lay down, and she just flopped down on a pile of pebbles…. Then the sea came up and soaked her tiny paws and she barked at it to show her annoyance!

We all (including the pup) combed the beach for pretty pebbles, the pebbles are mixed with so much broken glass that has been rounded by the sea. I don’t know if the area was heavily littered or if they all just wash up here?! But either way it makes for quite the combination of colours.

But my best spot of the day was a dead crab.

And no I wasn’t brave enough to turn it over. Gaaah a spider in a freaking shell. Vile!

2 thoughts on “Beachy…

    1. Thank you Wendy Kate! I have to say that they really caught my eye. And oddly they are artist designed! I have another pair in green, but the red ones were created by an artist from Rio de Janeiro. I wonder if you’ll like the green ones too! 😀

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