A hot hike.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I woke up yesterday I had no intentions of walking up the Rock. Not that I don’t like walking up the Rock, I really do, but it was super hot and I hadn’t slept all that brilliantly (because of the heat) but when I opened the curtains and saw the low cloud I knew I had to. I knew that the low cloud would make for a good photo…. I wasn’t disappointed.

I have posted a similar image to the Brit on the Rock Facebook page, but for those of you not on there here is another shot. (I’ve linked the FB page so you can like it if you wish.)

The cloud changed shape, height, and density over the half an hour period I stood gawping like a fool at the top of the Med Steps. It was pretty mesmerising to watch. And when I eventually climbed over the edge and got a better glimpse of Morocco I wasn’t at all disappointed. 10 points to Mother Nature for her artistic flare.

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