Monkeys monkeys monkeys!

So this week we had guests stay and as part of the grand ‘Brit on the Rock’ tour we took a taxi up the Rock to explore all of the usual sights.

Things have changed since my last tourist day. The caves are now lit up with lights that change colour and I have to say it is a massive improvement as you can actually get decent photos in there now without a flash…

But the main draw of a taxi tour was the lure of the monkeys / apes / furry creatures. There are most definitely less up there. Unless they were all in town when we visited? There were none playing around outside of St. Michaels cave. But the middle peak didn’t disappoint…

And there was a large group by the siege tunnels as well… One of whom was a really cute and mischievous little fellow who wasn’t going to be bested by the bin! (He was, he was far to small to get in and out without causing himself bother!)

8 thoughts on “Monkeys monkeys monkeys!

    1. LOL. Wendy I have had one on my head as well, no photo evidence though! It stuck its little monkey finger in my ear AND groomed me for fleas. That was the last time I went up the Rock with my hair down! They do have the grumpiest expressions, especially the big ones!

      The lighting in the caves has made it so much more enjoyable, it doesn’t take away from the natural beauty at all, it just enhances it, and I swear the different colours bring out different features of the stalactites!


  1. Can`t wait to get out in September to go all of these places, you make it so interesting i love reading all about it and the photos are a bonus, Thanks Amy i`m adding them onto our list.


  2. I love the shots from inside St. Michael’s!
    I get the ape’s around the back of my flat all the time and the big one’s are down right scary! The baby ones are kind of cute and dun to watch though.
    I hope your visitor enjoyed their stay! x


    1. They did enjoy their stay! And I know what you mean about the big ones, although they tend to be slower / keep their distance, but knowing they could rip off my arm (over active imagination;-) ) always makes me wary of them! Lol


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