Feria de La Linea

So after a few years of living here and seeing the feria from afar we finally went this year.

I am not one for fun fairs, mostly because I can’t really go on many of the rides (thanks spine) and also because I am massively lazy and going to the feria, involves leaving my house later in the day when I have already descended into ‘chill-relax-PJ’ mode. But this week we have had friends stay with us and whilst we were out for dinner at The Cuban (more on that later) we decided that we would visit the feria after we had finished our grub.

The feria is huge, I didn’t realise how big it was. Unless I am visiting the market I don’t tend to walk ‘that way’ (turn right) when I head to La Linea. It doesn’t just have loads of rides, it has stalls where you throw darts at balloons to win prizes, hooking rubber ducks out of water as they swirl about, and other games that you’ll find at most fairs. It has so many food stalls I lost count. The part that runs down the side of the football stadium is all food stalls I believe, we didn’t even get to explore it all (tiredness overcame us all). It looks pretty amazing let me assure you. Thousands of lights strung in intricate patterns and designs across walk ways. Around the roundabout it looks like a tent, but it is just the impression the lights give you. (And probably the humid air which helped give that impression.)

Whilst we were there Mr BOTR won me a bright blue unicorn, which I promptly named Elvis. I was quite taken with the idea of maybe getting a giant cuddly snake, which were very cute and could double up as a draft excluder during the winter months (how old I have become) but Elvis stole my heart. I also ate candy floss. Fun fact dear readers, candy floss and humidity (we have had some of the worst lately) do not work well together. My candy floss disintegrated before my very eyes and I managed to get the rest of it on Elvis, my sandals and my phone screen as I was using my mobile to take pictures as I had left my camera at home.

We all went on one ride. The big wheel. Whilst we were queuing up for our turn I was mildly alarmed at a) how high it was, b) how it creaked, c) how fast it went. But once we were on it, it didn’t actually seem that fast or that high, though it offered a fabulous view of the feria, and it didn’t make any scary creaking sounds from our ‘booth’ / ‘carriage’.

It was well after midnight when we all decided to call it a day and headed back over the border and hopped into a taxi home.



2 thoughts on “Feria de La Linea

  1. Awwww. I love Elvis, I want one haha!
    I don’t do fair’s simply because I can’t do rides. Me + things I have no control over = panic attacks, haha!
    I can see that wheel from my flat and I really wish I could go on it because the views look wonderful! xx


    1. You know I really don’t like the spinny up and down rids but that big wheel is actually quite serene. I wont fib though I was mightily relieved to set foot on solid ground again afterwards! But you should visit anyway, there is so much more than just the rides! We had such a fun night! 🙂


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