Convent Open Day 2014

Last weekend saw the annual open day of the Convent take place once again. Even though we’ve attended a couple of times we went once again.

Whilst looking around the beautiful building didn’t really offer anything new (odd given the new residents, I might have been tempted to perhaps alter something?) we did see the local artists displaying their works of art in the ballroom. Once again Cosqui stole the show for me. I love the way he uses colour. I really think I am going to invest in one of his pieces soon. The neon yellow and purple rendition if the Rock was my absolute favourite, which isn’t up on his site, but the pictures of his pieces that are on there, will give you a good idea of what I mean.

After a quick scoot around indoors we went outside. Local charities had set up tables in the courtyard and were either selling raffle tickets or selling pieces crafted by people involved in the charity and being sold to raise funds. I succumb. I like to have a look at these stalls anyway because the money is going somewhere worthwhile, but I will confess that I would have had to purchase Sidney even if he had been in a regular shop. Mr Sidney MoneybankHe was made by one of the residents at the elderly care home Mount Alvernia here in Gibraltar. I fell in love with Sidney as soon as I clocked him across the courtyard. He now sits on our shelves awaiting loose change. Clever little piggie.

After making my purchase of Sidney we went out into the gardens. Once again we saw the awesome Police Dogs doing their thing. Clever doggies, I know the handlers play a very big part, but they aren’t covered in fur with waggy tails, so I ignore them and pay attention to the dogs. I really can’t believe how well-trained they are, and all for the reward of playing with their red ball after they’ve done their work. I remember how our dog wouldn’t even sit for the first year we had him, unless we bribed him with dog chocolates.

There were more stalls and things to do this year. Zip lining for the children, not fair, they always get the good stuff. Paint balling or paint ball target practice in a big tent which looked like fun, but I didn’t have a go because I was too busy eating cake. A cake and tea stall…. A bouncy castle, an inflatable gladiator thing where children (seriously again we grown ups were excluded 😉 ) were given some blow up stick things and were encouraged to hit each other. And of course the gardens.

I spent my usual amount of time wandering taking pictures of the beautiful settings. There were so many beautiful flowers and butterflies flitting about. I really miss having a garden when I go there.

Note to self: win lottery and by house with big garden….

4 thoughts on “Convent Open Day 2014

  1. Hi There, Your site is brilliant and has given me food for thought and because of this my husband and i are coming to Gibraltar late September this year and wonder if there are any British Retirees we could get some hints from just incase we love The Rock so much we move out there and join you permantly. It sounds everything we would be looking for i.e. weather, community life and as i am vegetarian and into taking care of animals was really interested in the fact that animal cruelty does not seem to be allowed plus the fact that i would love to do voluntary work at your animal sanctuary etc (yes i have looked it all up). The golf courses was the only drawback as my husband loves his golf but i am sure he could go with some of the locals to the nearest golf clubs. We love reading about your adventures and travelling and are very active ourselves (I am 64 and my husband is 68). I would really appreciate anyone taking the time to contact us but British Retirees would be able to help us with information about moving our pensions etc.
    Look forward to any replies.


  2. Hi its Agnes again, think i should have ticked the box that said any replies via e-mail. Could you do that for me please,


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