Cheesecake Tasting at Cafe Rojo

I am only now just recovered from yesterday. If it is at all possible to overdose on cheesecake I most certainly made a very good attempt at it yesterday.

I got a tweet late on Friday night from the very lovely Becca who works at Cafe Rojo saying they had a table going for the tasting the next day. ‘What tasting?’ I thought? This week has gone by without me getting round to switching on the PC all that often, we have been plagued, yes plagued is the right word, with power cuts. It can’t be helped I guess, after the power station was gutted with a fire a few weeks back, I think everyone has been expecting more of them but each time the power goes it absolutely batters our aged PC. Poor PC. So instead of logging on and surfing the net I have avoided the PC because when it doesn’t switch on or freezes it makes the red mist descend, so I have in turn missed out on all sorts of things on-line. Oh well. The real world hasn’t been that bad…

So at 11am yesterday Mr BOTR and I arrived at Cafe Rojo. We sat down ordered a drink and were offered either six or twelve shots of cheesecake. Guess what I answered. Yep, I’ll take both platters here. ‘Shots’ I think to myself, pah they will be tiny, I can handle my cake just fine…

Oh my goodness. I ate the first 6 with no problem. What a variety of flavours. By the end of the first six my taste buds couldn’t tell which was up. I sipped delicately at my orange juice and when we were offered the next six I did hesitate, but the greedy part of me won, and within a minute or so we had six more shots of cheesecake.

The flavours were a variety of classic and some that were really off the wall…

Mint and chocolate, chocolate chilli and mango, peanut butter, pineapple and passion fruit, raspberry and tarragon, strawberry, white chocolate and raspberry, orange and ginger, caramel and apple, white chocolate and Baileys, Coffee Tia Maria and caramel, lime and coconut.

My favourite was the caramel and apple, closely followed by strawberry. Mr BOTR was besotted with the lime and coconut.

I got to shot number 9 and knew I was beaten. I watched in awe as Mr BOTR a former ‘I don’t really like cheesecake’ person ploughed through all twelve shots. I had a nibble of the last three, but left most of them as I was so full up I feared the worst!

It was so much fun guessing the flavours and getting a chance to sample so many different types of cheesecake. I really hope the team at Cafe Rojo enjoyed it as much as their patrons did! And that they will be doing it again in the future. I know that I would attend again. But next time around I will take the last six home and share them. Yes share them… 😀




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