Blurry monkeys!

I popped round to a friends new place yesterday and I was confronted with a gazillion apes. I gave them my firmest Paddington stare until I was safely in her building foyer, I wasn’t brave enough to whip out the camera phone whilst I was there outside with them, but once I was safely behind walls and windows I snapped away! Not that they were even interested in me, but after having my chocolate buttons stolen in Main Street I have become quite wary of them!

Next time I go there I will take my camera for sure. I genuinely can not believe how big the pack that came down was. They are so clever and so very brazen. Eric who is in charge of their care, (who has appeared on Gibraltar: Britain in the sun) was there trying to catch them to tag and test them down at the vets before returning them to the Upper Rock.

You can not kid a Gibraltar ape easily; was the lesson of the day. They are so savvy, sauntering up to the back of the van where he and his team had laid ‘monkey bait’ but instead of getting in, they just leant over and grabbed what they wanted. Whilst I was watching they caught just one. The pack was not impressed. And made their feelings known by shaking the tree outside of my friends building till the branches were almost coming off. They really are amazing to watch!!

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