Cloudy with a chance of rain…

This week the weather has been crazy. We have had a day or so of glorious sunshine. Cloud so thick you can’t see the top of the Rock, and right now as I type it is pouring with rain and yet there is also evidence of bright sunshine somewhere a bit further south.

I took these pictures with my camera phone. The day I took them the cloud was so thick I had decided to just run my errands and come home, without (hopefully) getting rained on, alas I did, but that was further into town, and by the time I got back home (about a 90 minutes after I went out) the sky was once again blue and bright… very odd indeed!

6 thoughts on “Cloudy with a chance of rain…

    1. What direction are you from Gib? I am terrible with geography! I saw the dark clouds roll in from a north easterly direction…. I think! It was definitely northerly!! Its sunny again now and was shortly after I pressed publish, I know the rain is good for the ground but I am longing for a few days of sunshine in a row!! 🙂


      1. I guess we are north of Gib inland on the Algeciras – Ronda road. I can see the Rock from our terrace. It takes about 40 minutes to drive to La Linea from here. 🙂


      2. Ah so not far then. That must be quite a view! We keep meaning to visit more places inland… along the train line so we kind of know where we are / are going! Can you recommend anywhere that we should see?


      3. Jimera de Libar has a little bar that has a lot of live music and a beer festival coming up, if you are on Facebook you can find them for updates. You can also do walks up into the mountains from there and the guy, Paul, who runs the bar can advise you. BENAOJAN also has walks and a lovely hotel, restaurant, Molino de Santos
        you can sit outside by the mill stream have have lunch/dinner – we have also stayed over night as a treat there. Hope all that is useful if it does make me look like a complete alcoholic!


      4. Thank you so much for the info!! You don’t sound like an alcoholic! Lol! We are definitely going to do some walks around there!! I wonder if I can twist the husbands arm into doing an overnight trip… Hmmm we shall see!! 🙂 Thank you Wendy Kate!


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