A Wander to Ronda: Part 3

For the most part of our visit we walked around looking at the views. (And eating pizza, but mostly walking.) I can not emphasise enough how beautiful Ronda is. And how amazing the bridge across the gorge is. I want a house perched on one of those cliff faces.

All in all, this was definitely one of my favourite day  trips we have taken so far. And I think now we have used the trains once, we wont be so shy to do so again. From the frontier at La Linea, the taxi cost us €20 each way. That was without any luggage, I guess it is down to the driver but it could be more if you have weekend bags with you. There are loads of churches and museums to visit. And a ton of hotels, restaurants and cafes / bars. The shopping area is also pretty good. Loads of familiar names, and some gorgeous boutiques and craft shops. (There are also a ton of sport shops should you wish to invest in hiking shoes to tackle the gorge / hills!)

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