A wander to Ronda: Part 2

So we got off of the train and made our way to the small shop in the station in search of a map. We got one. And off we went.

Ronda is just beautiful. White washed buildings with their ornate roofs and that blue and yellow tiling that just pops in the sunlight. The streets vary from narrow alleyways paved with cobblestones to wide boulevards.

We didn’t visit any of the many churches or museums. Instead we decided to visit the bullring, actually tell a lie we visited the museum part there, but neither of us really took anything in.

The visit to the bullring was an odd choice for us. Neither of us have ever been to a bullring before. And this one is the oldest in Spain. I guess we just happened upon it by chance and thought, why not? I just want to put it out there I don’t agree with bull fighting. I don’t care that it is a national pastime. Or tradition or whatever, it is gross. (Also to any troll out there who wants to pick a fight about my origins, I didn’t ever agree with fox-hunting either. Or cock-fighting, or dog-fighting. I don’t think they are all exclusive to the UK but I just thought I better mention them. Humans and their behaviour towards animals in their pursuit of ‘fun’ repulse and disgust me.)

Anyway… the bullring. A magnificent looking building. The detailing is ornate and walking out into the centre is quite odd. I did have a gladiator moment. Thankfully for me, there were no lions. And I am not a bull. (Insert joke there.) The shape of the building and size of it makes your head spin. It is a lot of space.  It doesn’t look that big from the outside, or at least I didn’t think so. It’s €6.50 a ticket to get in, so not terribly expensive, and if you happen to be more open-minded than I am, you might well find the museum interesting. I will admit the costumes (jackets especially) caught my eye. The level of detail that goes into them is insane. But mostly it was the endless arches that got my attention. (I tell you my nightmare would be to get stuck in there drunk. I would feel like I had been caught up in one of those Victorian moving picture things…) Regardless of its purpose I would definitely recommend a visit to the bullring, especially if you happen to like architecture, old buildings and unique structures.



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