A wander to Ronda: Part 1

This Thursday we were having a stroll into town, as you do, and we thought, ‘why not go on an adventure to Spain?’. Not just our usual wander around La Linea, but an actual adventure. Mr BOTR had booked Thursday and Friday as his ‘weekend’ this week so we decided that Friday would be ‘adventure’ day.

So back to our adventure planning, we ummed and ahhed, and we decided upon a visit to Ronda. We have heard so much about this place and seen a few pictures. We looked up train times and spoke to our friends across the street about getting there and they agreed the train was by far the easiest way.

Now for anyone who has never been to the UK this is a tip for you. The train system  is useful, but not reliable. The trains run late, get cancelled and you are told, or they just don’t show up. You have an interview in London and live / are staying in Hertfordshire? Book a hotel in town or risk being 45 minutes late even though you planned to get into London an hour ahead of your interview time. (I am STILL angry, First Capital Connect.) You manage to get on a train, don’t expect a seat. If you get a seat, it’ll likely be filthy dirty or the fabric of it ripped and you’ll get covered in goodness knows what. Yes you can tell I wasn’t a huge fan of trains, which is a shame because they are the only form of transport that don’t make me feel sick.

I don’t know what I had in mind when I thought of the Spanish railway system, but the service blew my mind. Not just spotlessly clean, it was precisely on time. All of the staff were helpful and friendly. The trains were really modern, with seats, FOR EVERYONE! There are vending machines for food and drink, and toilets that aren’t smeared with unmentionable things. And for two adults return to Ronda from San Roque it was €33.20. When I mentioned this yesterday to my neighbour friends they both laughed at me, saying that the only thing that works perfectly in Spain is the trains. So there you go! There was also a ticket inspector, who was a really nice man, unlike the barbarian idiots in the UK. When a couple hopped on the train as the doors were beeping he didn’t body slam them into the wall and phone the transport police, no threats of prison time were made, they explained they were running late and hopped on without a ticket, he said ‘where are you going?’ they replied ‘Ronda’ and he issued two return tickets. No muss, no fuss. UK TAKE NOTE.

So we enjoyed the scenery from the comfort of our train seats. I took a bazillion photos from the train, the scenery was just out of this world beautiful. The train at one point goes through mountains which afford you a view of the sheer drop with cliff faces on either side with a river flowing through. It was quite honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. In no time at all (about 90 minutes) we got to Ronda. The train station is just outside of town. I guess if you had suit cases you’d take a cab to your hotel (we are going back again so I will let you know!) but we walked from the station and had a thoroughly enjoyable day! 🙂

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