Walking Season

Okie dokie where to begin this tale of woe?

Well tale of woe isn’t quite right, so I’ll start there. Sunday just gone I asked a friend who does the Med Steps every weekend if I could tag along. It is an epic walk. It is a tough climb. It is not something an unfit chubster like me should undertake alone. So we met at the old casino and walked up to Jews Gate from Engineers Road. I have done the Med Steps a few times now. Although I have to say I am not exactly in tip-top condition right now…

In truth I did OK. I don’t like walking down steps. I know I am not alone in this, I just don’t feel that sure-footed. So once we had tackled the pathway and giant steps that lead to the actual steps I said good-bye to one of our party (he runs them, yes I agree, absolutely insane) and my friend and I started the long ‘climb’ up. I was doing OK, my thigh muscles screaming for mercy, my lungs fit to burst, but OK. Until we got to the little tunnel bit. Was it the sudden drop in temperature? The coolness in contrast with the heat of the walk / day? I had brought plenty of water (or so I thought) with me so I had a bit of that and that’s when I noticed I had actually drunk most of it. ‘Oh darn,’ thinks I, as we’ve still got a considerable distance up and then back down this giant Rock. So we commence our climb once more and eventually we make it to the top.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow my friend and her crazy running husband have this idea of walking even further along the Rock, which I am up for. Until we start to walk down the hill that leads up to O’Hara’s Battery. Oh goodness, if I didn’t go green, I certainly felt it. My legs turned to jelly and I felt very giddy, and not in a good way. I bid them farewell at the junction that leads down to St. Michael’s caves and they toddled off along the path up towards the cable-car station. I caught my breath and tried to stop my eyes from lolling around. Eventually my head stopped spinning. I decided to have a sit down at one of the viewing points before my final ‘sprint’ (yeah right!) home.

So as you can see it was lovely and sunny and warm… Now if you happen to be a) sensible b) super fit c) a-know-all stop reading now. If you happen to be me or similar to me, carry on.

Don’t tackle that or any walk up the Rock with less than a litre of juice or water.

Before you get started make sure you eat something substantial (not tea and biscuits, not a real breakfast by all accounts).

Make sure you wear a hat. I didn’t, and even though I had my hair dragged back and it is thick hair I think it was definitely a contributing factor to my day and half of headache and sickness that started a couple of hours after I got home. Not a brilliant way to end or start a week, let me tell you! But now it is all in the past I can chalk it up to experience and I will not be making the same mistake twice…

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