Travelling Companions

We popped into town today and met this guy and his two furry friends. Travelling from Hungary to Tenerife, with his two pet cats! They were so relaxed and friendly sitting atop of his bag! The tiny kitten was fast asleep until we saw them a bit further down Main Street. I wasn’t the only person to fall for her charms, she drew quite a crowd on Main Street! Running around chasing bits of paper and hunting the wind. I love kittens!! I also love the freedom of those pet passports, no excuse for people to dump their pets anywhere now!

4 thoughts on “Travelling Companions

  1. OMG too cute. Leash trained, that’s wonderful for their adventurous lifestyle! Great candid shots. Don’t you love bumping into some unexpected scene and getting some lively shots! Love the one of them inside the store—precious.


    1. Hey!
      Yeah I loved the leashes, such a good idea. And they have travelled by bus, foot and train to get this far. He was such a sweet guy and so relaxed about the cats, like seeing them ride around on a bag is a totally everyday thing. If that is how people roll in Hungary I might move there!


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