Runway 2014 – Marius Petrus

For the first time since Runway came to Gibraltar we had a designer exclusively aimed at the boys. Now I don’t know about you, but I am quite drawn to mannish tailoring. There is something about menswear that always appeals. Marius Petrus did not disappoint. The styling was quite out there and brought some much needed controversy to the audience. Or it did with the ladies sat behind me. They gasped at the turn ups. It felt as though we might have been transported back to Victorian England where showing a flash of ankle was deemed outrageous. It made for quite the soundtrack to the show I can tell you!

Difference of opinion over the styling aside the collection was very wearable, as you would expect given Marius’s fashion background with internships at Alexander McQueen and Raf Simons. His prints are fascinating. I really loved the monochrome suit and shirt. It was the stand out look for me. Although I will concede that perhaps to make it more day-to-day friendly you would want to break it up? (Or not. Who wants to look like everyone else after all?) The colour palette of the collection was extremely easy on the eye, with bursts of denim blue and pops of azure blue. The monogramming on the trouser legs was also a really quirky touch.  To see what Marius is up to, follow him on Facebook. (I for one am hoping he branches out into ladies wear 😉 )

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