Runway 2014 – Hasan Hejazi

The final show of Runway 2014 was Hasan Hejazi.

There is always such build up for the last show of the day. And Hasan did not disappoint. Famed for his costume design for Kylie, Jessie J, (who has appeared at Gibraltar Music Festival) Nicola Roberts and several other high-profile ladies, I was so excited to see his collection. We were shown a variety of pieces from his AW13 and SS14 collections. I have been checking out his Facebook page since the news broke that he would be showing at Runway and I have to say I am rather smitten with several of his designs. I love the flowing sheer skirts over trousers. The fitted bodice style jackets and dresses. The colours were just beautiful. Zesty orange and demure lilac, they made for a fantastic juxtaposition against the leather dress in the show. My favourite piece had to be the full length orange dress. That was just spectacular! You can clearly see where his stage costumes for Jessie and co have influenced the high street, long sheer layers over short skirts, and the colour palette of his SS14 collection can be seen in abundance at Zara at the moment (if you are in a shopping mood!) If you would like to see more from Hasan click here to go to his website.

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