Runway 2014 New Designer Competition

So for anyone who has been on Facebook in the past 24 hours you will know that the talented Paul Perez won this years competition. The new designers this year were really something else. Last years were brilliant, but this year we were shown just how diverse fashion can be!

I really liked Paul’s collection. Since he was announced as an entrant to the new designer competition, a few of my friends here in Gibraltar have spoken about his skills as a designer. So a bit late to the game I decided to follow him on Facebook. I loved his updates. And it made his collection seem even more real, having progress pictures appear in my news feed. You kind of felt for the guy as the deadline drew closer, and like every true artist he was making last-minute adjustments up until the girls walked the Runway catwalk!

The runners-up in the competition were also brilliant.

A few of the pieces really stood out for me, especially those from Eliise as her use of colour was just divine! The combination of orange and blue is a personal favourite of mine. I loved the lines of her designs, a classic look with a twist, the movement of the fabric as the models walked was just mesmerizing. I really think this young lady will go places as her pieces already had the polished feel of a commercially viable collection.

Another runner-up was designer Gamarra. The fabric in this collection was crazy. I loved it. So bold and unique and the cuts were really awesome. There was such a strong contrast between fabrics, with the patterned one being enhanced by the bold pink colour, it made quite an impact. But perhaps not so much as the voluminous pink and orange creation which probably caught the eye of every girl in the audience! Very much a piece for a special occasion or red carpet event.

Kristel Marie’s collection drew breathes from where I was sitting. Elegant and ethereal, with sheer bodies and floral detailing to provide some cover! This collection was simply stunning. It put me in mind of Halle Berry’s 2002 Oscar dress. I wonder if the designer drew inspiration from that gown? I would love to know!

Dagmar Kjeld brought something entirely new to the contest with her leather and knitwear pieces. Intricate detail and a loose knit stitch made for an entirely unique look. The colour combination was again very bold. But using only three colours. This collection definitely stood out as something different from the rest!

As you can see from the above pictures, these new designers all brought something really unique to the competition and it was such a pleasure to be able to watch it unfold with my own eyes! They have set the bar even higher for next years competition that’s for sure! I can’t help but think that events such as Runway are essential in giving new designers a platform to show there creations to a wider audience, so they can build up a following and become known amongst us mere mortals as well as those ‘in the know!’. Well done to all who competed and congratulations once again to Paul who will be taking his show to Brighton Fashion Week!!

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