Runway 2014 – Local Designer – En Vogue

As I mentioned in an earlier post we managed to sneak into the event early, after having a look backstage we made our way over to the En Vogue stand where designer Resham Mahtani was busy setting up. Lucky for us she had a few minutes spare.


The collection is really gorgeous. Totally wearable and there is a piece to suit anyone and everyone. One particular dress caught my eye. The fabric was a digital print, with these awesome hand prints in black and neon green. (Alas I have eaten way to many Easter eggs to fit into it…)

???????????????????????????????There were deep reds, broderie anglaise dresses, and pinks and blues… have a look…

???????????????????????????????Resham told us that she has been designing the collection for the past year and that there wasn’t any set ‘theme’ for the collection, that she takes her inspiration for her designs from her surroundings, so literally anything could catch her eye and be reworked into a print design or embroidery.

Being the nosey individual that I am I asked her which piece in her collection was her favourite and she said that it was a red beaded number, and that we should keep our eyes peeled for it during the show. We were not disappointed. It was beautiful. Several of the pieces in the catwalk show really took my breath away… And I for one can not wait till En Vogues next show. Check out her Facebook page for details! 🙂



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