Runway 2014 – Gibraltar

Where to begin?

This years event really spoilt us. Once again we had the new designers competition. We had a show from local designer En Vogue. We had shows from international designers Michael Pattison, Marius Petrus and Hasan Hejez. There was live music from Hollie April which was amazing. And there were numerous stands and stalls.

The night before the big event we (myself and Laura from attended the press evening aboard the Sunborn Yacht (flotel in Ocean Village). Crikey what a place. It is just so glamorous. It is almost difficult to believe you are on a boat. The marble floors, and massive ‘disco ball’ (I am almost sure that is the wrong name for it, but if you have been inside the Sunborn lobby and looked up, I am sure you would agree that is what it looks like) are so striking as you walk in!

Disco Ball / Planet? Sunborn LobbyUp on the top desk we were greeted by the lovely organisers of the event and proceeded to stare around and wonder who everyone else was. (Needless to say the tall, thin, beautiful people were the models for the event! 😉 )

We met the gorgeous Miss Gibraltar. Who isn’t just a knock out to look at but is also really sweet, friendly and funny. And we met the events chief stylist Pavli Medvedova who was a total gem. It was this meeting with her that allowed us to sneak in early to the event the following day and get to have a look around as everything was being set up!

After having a snoop around and working out where everything was going to be, we went back to the foyer of Tercentenary Hall, and had a look around at the amazing photography display.

Once the doors opened the hall soon filled up and all of the stands and stalls flooded with customers. There was the stylist booth over at Marble Arc’s stand. Prizes to be won on a ‘wheel of fortune’ style game over at Trends stand. There was a raffle to enter at The Gibraltar Soap Shop, where you could win goodie baskets full of amazing products from them and DuWop Cosmetics (which was the make up used on all of the models). On top of this, there was a relaxation area where you could get treatments from Aphrodite Beauty, which several of my party indulged in! (Massages all round!) There was two bar areas, and also the cinema area, which had some very comfy looking sofas. (Which I didn’t get to sit on as someone was always on them! Grr!)

The shows were held at different intervals during the day, with an hour or so in-between them which spaced them out nicely so you could get a good look around. There was loads of space in the hall and I think this can only be a good thing, considering how warm a day it was! I forget which shows she came on in-between but both myself and Mr BOTR were both transfixed by Hollie Aprils voice, such a talented young lady. Next time she does a gig down at Rock on the Rock I will be there!


I’ll do a separate post for each of the designers and one for the new designer competition entrants and winner, because as you can imagine there were a lot of photos, and I think they all deserve their own mention.

At the end of the evening after all of the shows, we said thank you to everyone who made the event possible. From the organisers to the backstage runners, the make up artists and hair stylists. They should all be very proud of such a great and professional event!

Roll on Runway 2015!

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