And the mist rolled in…

When I woke up today the sky was a bright crystal clear blue. As the morning rolled on, or should I say, as I rolled (on the bus) towards Europa Point the sky became somewhat muddled.

The Levante cloud, was it that? I don’t know. A ‘cloud’ or fog of some description rolled in from the east. Wafting around the light house. Swirling around the mosque. Then clearing and charging across the playground and obscuring everything beyond that from view.

The sea disappeared. The sky disappeared. Then reappeared. You catch my drift? I have seen the cloud swirl around the top of the Rock, I have seen it swallow ships whole. I have even witnessed it making the runway vanish. But this really was bizarre.

I was down at Europa Point to take some new pictures of Laura, from, and because of this pesky mist we kept having to change locations to avoid a) getting lost b) freezing c ) getting damp / rained on. It was quite a unique experience, and one I shall endeavour to repeat when it gets very hot later on in the year… 😉 The oddest part was how very bright it remained even though we were actually in a cloud!


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