Spring has sprung!

Yesterday I spent some time having a walk around the Alameda Botanic Gardens. Not only was it delightfully sunny and warm, it was also really busy, actually it was busier than I have ever seen it, and it was all local people too, which was nice. After an hour or so (several chats and a small detour to the small shop near Mamma Mia) I headed home, but as it was still so warm, I decided to sit down on a bench and read my book in the sun, I am not going to reveal my hidden location, but it gets all the afternoon sun and is at a great vantage point to be incredibly nosey, so as you can probably guess I had a very nice time!

Whilst on my walkabout I noticed this poor fellow. He / she (I don’t know a lot about bugs!) had lost a leg, and was just hopping along a pathway in the gardens. Such a pretty bug and enormous too. If anyone knows what he/ she is I’d be most grateful. I wonder if he survived the night minus one leg. Poor creature 😦

Mr Bug

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