Rosia Bay – Gibraltar

So after I got home from book club on Saturday I decided to spend the afternoon having a wander around in the gorgeous sunshine. Rosia Bay was my first port of call… I love this area, you can sit and chill with a book and listen to the sea, or if you are very brave you can don your bikini and catch some sun. I would like to add that wasn’t me (the bikini one).

Or alternatively you can be clipped by a bad driver, (giving women drivers the world over a bad name) because you happened to be standing upright on the edge of a wide open space, and your half metre square of space was the only space she wanted to park / turn in and she didn’t see you! (Clearly my diet is working!) Phew…. And I am back in my happy place. Seriously though, drivers, please refrain from being bullying ass hats where people are concerned! And the only reason she pulled right up to the edge of the platform? To let her kids PEE in the sea! Seriously, lady that is just not cricket!

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