My first photo shoot!

So for those of you who are ‘likers’ of the Facebook page this will not be news, but I am feeling rather big-headed so I wanted to share. A couple of weeks ago I did my first photo shoot.

The rather lovely and charming Laura of and I met up for a coffee before winding our way to The Alameda Botanic Gardens to photograph her spring lookbook. I had such fun doing it and as she has used the pictures I think she liked them! 😉

It was a strange experience, I felt weird at first taking photos but after a while I started to get more bossy (yes I am aware of an on-line campaign to ban that word being used against women, but in this situation it was most appropriate) and oddly as I directed her on how to stand the more natural the pictures became. Anyway you can see the pictures here. I am really pleased with them and look forward to doing more in the future! 🙂



2 thoughts on “My first photo shoot!

  1. I lost the will to live, can you suggest to your pal that she downsizes photos in future? It was taking a year and a day to load. I never got to the third outfit.

    Campaign against bossy women? Yawn. Back in olden days we were called aggressive. Is it bossy now? Things go around and come around.


    1. I will pass along your suggestion! They were big files.
      Yeah I find this bossy stuff ludicrous. It just makes me wonder when the women of the world will wake up and say ‘meh whatever’ and just get on with what they were doing instead of getting in a flap over something so stupid. Its a distraction girls, from the real agenda.


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