Rockcrafters May Fair – Gibraltar

So something for your diaries should be in this neck of the woods on May 3rd. The clever people who make up the ‘Rockcrafters’ group are having a big fair again! Now I have spoken at length to one of the group before, the very talented Jenny, of Jennys Jewels. Now she has been joined by many like minded folk and their numbers have grown to such a degree that they can now hold large fairs every few months. Which I think is fabulous, not just for people on the hunt for gifts but for Gibraltar, it shows what a talented group of individuals live here!
So last week I fired off a few questions to the Rockcrafters and I thought I would share with you the answers so you guys get a bit more insight into who they are, and what they are about!

How did the Rock Crafters form?
Rockcrafters was formed last year during the summer. A group of fellow crafters who were already Facebook friends organized to go to the Sunday market in Ocean village during the month of august. I remember we all had a good laugh when we met at the market for the first time, so we decided to form the group and ask more people to join in order to conduct regular markets on Sundays. It all snowballed from there and we decided that we needed a name as we had more crafters joining us. We came up with Rockcrafters.

How often do you meet?
We meet online every day. We have our own group for members and chat about most things, from our latest craft project to organizing our next fair.

And where have you held fairs?
Rockcrafters often attend the Sunday market in Ocean Village but we also have our own fairs which have been very successful. The first one took place in November of last year in the Catholic Community Centre. It had a Christmas theme, so we decorated all our tables, we had Christmas carols playing and we even had a visit from Santa! We had crowds queuing up to come to visit us. It was a blast! We have since held another one in the Leisure centre, which was also a huge success.

When is the next fair?
Our next major Fair will be held on 3rd May at the Leisure Centre. It will be a massive event with 35 stalls, all with beautiful handmade items. There will be jumping castles, face painting, glitter tattoos and lots more. This time round we will be working in conjunction with the Gibraltar’s Got Talent team, so we will also have performances from them during the day. We will also be having a raffle and all proceeds will be going to the Little Smiles Charity which is the charity that the Gibraltar’s Got Talent team has chosen to support this year. Every stall will be donating an item made by them or a voucher towards something from their stall for the prizes.

Do you have a schedule for the year?
We do not have a schedule for the year, but we are always very proactive. We get invited to other charities and group events which we love taking part in. We have kindly been invited to our next one which is the Babystepps Fun Day which will take place on 22nd March held at Boyds which will see some of our stalls taking part.

What types of craft are you (the group) into?
We have many crafts integrated within Rockcrafters. From handmade jewellery, to gorgeous jams and cheeses, delicious cupcakes, knitted items, wooden plaques, gorgeous fimo (that’s a clay btw, I had to look it up! BOTR) items, handmade patchwork quilts, original paintings, painted tee shirts, photograph gifts, leather work items etc. There is something for everyone and at a price to suit everyone’s pocket. We are more than happy to work with the customer in order to create a product that is suited best for them. We welcome personalised or custom orders…

What inspires your creations?
As we all do different crafts, our inspiration comes from many places. Each one of us is talented in our own special way; hence we obtain our inspiration from anything around us!

What do you do when you are not crafting, i.e. do you work? Are you stay at home parents?
Some of work full-time, others part-time, and others are stay-at-home mums. We juggle our careers with our love for crafting, and although it’s tiring, it’s also fun. What’s best of all is to be part of such a wonderful team of ladies who are clever at what we do and have a great laugh when we get together. We have become a family and always support each other.

What made you want to start your craft business?
Personally, and I think I speak for all of us, crafting began as a hobby for us. After much time and dedication and the love for our work, and being together with like minded people made Rockcrafters what it is today.

What tips would you offer anyone interested in starting a craft business?
Start small, with your own ideas. There is nothing more disheartening to existing crafters than copycats. Be original, creative, and be ready to put in silly hours of work into your craft. Only with hard work do you achieve great things. Always compare prices of your raw materials and be innovative always, evolve with the times. Never and I mean never, undersell your work.

Can anyone join Rock Crafters?
Anyone who is a crafter and makes handmade products in Gibraltar can join. At the moment we have a waiting list, however if anyone is interested in being added to our waiting list, contact us through Rock Crafters Events Page, drop us a private message and we will take it from there.

Do you meet socially outside of the fairs? Is there a support network between you?
We do meet socially from time to time, we had a fantastic Christmas party and it was really fun to get to spend time with our friends. We always support each other and as I mentioned before, we chat on a daily basis using our Group where we exchange general ideas.

What is the best reason to come and visit the next fair?
The best reason to visit our fairs is that we are unique – as unique as our products. We love what we do and it shows in the variety and quality of our crafts. To hold 2 successful fairs in such a short time since our conception is proof of how much love we have been shown by people of Gibraltar. Our 3rd fair is so far our biggest… and we hope to keep them growing. We strive to bring innovation to our group as well with the addition of newer crafts and crafters. It is also a chance to boost the social scene in Gibraltar by offering an innovative and unique and different market where everyone can attend, young and old.

All of the above pictures have been ‘borrowed from the Rockcrafters Facebook page, for further details and more pictures of the crafts produced by the ‘Rockcrafters’ click here.

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