Ramsons – Watergardens – Gibraltar


If you were lucky enough to grow up in Gibraltar you will know this shop. You will know the wonderful smell of cooking as you walk in. You will have no doubt sampled the delights of the deli counter!

Sure enough I have called in a good few times. It is my emergency bread, chocolate and Diet Coke stop, plus it is open all day, 9am right through till 10pm every single day of the week, all year long (except the usual holidays of Christmas etc.) But up until last week when I spent an afternoon there with my friend (whose family own and run the business) I had no idea what a treasure trove this shop is.

For example I love sushi. But where to go to get it? And I want it eel free. (Eel is just the work of the devil.) I know of two places here that do it. But how about making it yourself? Well from the rice, the vinegar, the rolling mats, the wasabi, the ginger, the soy sauce and any little spices you might want for it, it is all there. Neatly lined up just waiting to be taken home, prepared and eaten. And trust me when I say that it is a really easy dish to make.

My Sushi 01

My Sushi 02

There are also a huge range of noodles. Not just your typical supermarket brands, but real Japanese ones. And they are only stocked Ramsons. There are also noodles that are made with the vegetarian market in mind. Truth be told there is a huge range of meat free products available in Ramsons. Which is really great as this is an area we often find quite limited here in Gibraltar, limited or very expensive…

The spice racks in the shop are overflowing with different flavours; they are a rainbow of colours. I finally got my hands on some cumin. (Seriously either that stuff sells out everywhere else, or Ramsons is the only place that stocks it!) This shop is the destination for anyone thinking about doing a spot of ‘exotic’ cooking!

If however you aren’t really interested in cooking but just want to grab a takeaway sandwich to eat at your desk, then look no further.

These are real facts: between 600 – 700 sandwiches are prepared and sold at Ramsons EVERYDAY. They prep over 60kgs of chicken a day for their famous chicken tikka rolls.

And this tikka travels. Not only used in store, Ramsons sell this delicious smelling (I didn’t try it, I am still mainly meat free) dish to restaurants here in Gibraltar and Spain. It is famous across Gibraltar that is for sure, especially throughout the student fraternity who often request their parents meet them from the airport with a tikka roll upon their return from their studies! (True story!) There are of course other fillings to have in the sandwiches / rolls and I have to say they are all looked really good. The sandwiches are flavoured with spices from all over the world – from Jamaican chicken to mojo picon, Indian chicken tikka to Thai sweet chilli chicken – are just some of the range to choose from.

Ramsons isn’t just about exotic food though, don’t let me put you off, there are all the usual suspects under this roof. Cleaning materials, candy, biscuits, booze, fresh fruit and vegetables. It sells pretty much everything you need to keep your home ticking over! It also has a massive range of Vita Coco water, which is sold at the cheapest price I have found in Gibraltar.

The thing I liked best about the shop (other than the masses of yummy grub) is the fact it is family owned and run. It is nice to be greeted and made to feel welcome. It is good to shop local and with an independent business rather than line the pockets of corporate giants. And it is wonderful to shop somewhere with such a vast array of products, catering for so many types of diet.


7-11 Watergardens,

Waterport Road,


Telephone: +350 200 71550

Email: info@ramsons.gi

Facebook Page

3 thoughts on “Ramsons – Watergardens – Gibraltar

  1. I like Ramsons although don’t go that often it being the other end of town to me. Good for spices without a doubt, as it has some of the less common ones that I like to use for Indian cookery. Partner has used them for sarnies when he has been down that end of town. I used to work in a sandwich bar in Sydney and I tell you 600-700 is nothing! Didn’t realise Ramsons closed on Chrissy Day, thought they were open 365.

    What’s with the ‘mainly meat-free’ then? What have you succumbed to?


    1. Hello!
      Well shamefully I have had a bite or two of chicken. It has happened a couple of times and each time I feel awful afterwards, but it also makes me feel a bit stronger in my resolve to beat my flesh habit even more. I don’t enjoy it, it was smell thing, so that means I can totally replicate that with quorn or whatever….

      Ramsons is great, go there. I am loving my sushi, its perfect for this time of year! All fresh and light like the weather.
      Tell me how many sandwiches you used to make!! 🙂


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